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Lamar Jackson’s danger in running ‘overrated,’ says Ravens offensive coordinator | NFL

The Ravens have handed the keys to their offense to Lamar Jackson entire time heading into 2019, which has prompted issue in some quarters because of Jackson’s eagerness to run the ball.

As the standard wisdom goes in the NFL, functioning quarterbacks experience additional threat and are more prone to accidents than traditional pocket passers.

New Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman begs to differ.

“I consider it is really a tiny overrated, the whole threat issue,” Roman claimed (by way of The Baltimore Sunshine). “Why? Since, and this is empirical info here, over the a long time, you variety of know that when a quarterback decides to run, he’s in management. So now [if] he wishes to slide, he can slide. If he wishes to dive, he can dive, get out of bounds, all of people different things. He can get down, declare himself down.

“A large amount of the time, the scenarios that [have] additional threat are when he will not see what is coming — my eyes are downfield, I’m standing stationary from the pocket, somebody is hitting me from the blind aspect. My expertise, and I variety of learned this, is that when the quarterback takes the ball and starts to run, you will find not a large amount of threat associated in that relative to other scenarios.”

Jackson ran the ball nearly as usually as he passed past year, with 147 rushing tries for 695 yards and five touchdowns. He concluded 99 of 170 passes for 1,201 yards, with six TDs and 3 INTs. The Ravens gained six of the seven games he started, averaging 25.1 details.

Nonetheless, Jackson is looking to enhance his accuracy in his next year. And Roman claimed the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner is however mastering when, and when not, to run.

“Previous yr, for illustration, was a mastering curve for him on how he would handle a [running] condition,” Roman claimed. “‘Do we genuinely want to acquire people hits? Why would I slice again from the grain when I could acquire it out the entrance door into space?’ All of people things started past yr. … I consider you have to be quite judicious on realizing the large image.”

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